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Published on Apr 07, 2020 by Prakriti Bista


Life is not as easy as you dreamt it to be. Complications, vibes of giving up, sarcasm of people, demotivation from your loved ones, it comes eventually.

Frustration, stress, depression, you don’t have to invite them, these things are a bonus. With all these things messing up your mind, someone comes in your life to cheer you up. Their smile gives you positivity and the determination not to give up. They see you crying, depressed, sad, and hurt. You are in the verge of giving up your life. But, they aren’t moved by these things because they are focused to make you shine by bringing all the positive vibes in your life, making your strong abilities the power of your achievement. They don’t give up on us. They don’t stop what they are doing. They make you stronger and make you believe in yourself. They become your strength. We all have that someone in our life. We know they are there for us, cheering us up, motivating us, believing in us, and is ready to celebrate our success and happiness..

There are always two sides to a coin. Life is like a coin that has both the brighter side and the darker side. As we flip a coin, we end up with a head or a tail. Likewise, in life sometimes we end up on a darker side or a brighter side. There is no in-between. We don’t always end up on the brighter side. Life is a mixture of emotions. Happiness, sadness, sorrow, depression, stress, success. All these elements make our life complete. Whether we end up happy or sad, we need to find the courage of moving on, as we know life should go on.