Technological World and Traditional mindset

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Technological World and Traditional mindset

Published on May 02, 2020 by Prakriti Bista


As today’s world is advancing over new technologies and approaches, we are still in the past doing things that we normally do or we learned. There is a huge gap between us, our parents, grandparents, and the proceeding world’s technology. From taking money from people by giving our land to taking money from the bank showing our properties, we humans have grown or say become more selfish. It has become convenient in a way but it has also become bothersome and tiring. Our trust issues over technology is a huge problem here. When we can’t trust people easily, how can we trust online banking and a whole new level of progress in advanced science??

Doing the hard work and getting a reward is our happiness or a sole desire. Money, land, house, jewelry was our possession. Now investing the money in the stock market or any new root-level project has become a trend. In the past, people were worried about a robbery in the house for money and jewelry whereas now, a drop in the stock market or online hacker getting all your personal information is creating a fuss and headache. People are mentally frustrated and in a dilemma. Whom should we trust and whom to not is a real problem here.

Online transactions have made life easier. We need not to stand in a line after filling up the form for hours. Payment through phone wallet, shopping online, online classes, everything is designed to make our self in comfort. We are just a click away from everything. Why go out for work? Just stay home and do your work online. Work from home is a solution. Need medicine? Just order it, home delivery is available. Don’t want to make food? Google the nearest restaurant and order your cuisine home. Bored to even text? Just say Siri or Ok Google, your job is done. Lazy to turn of the light? Alexa….

The technological world is huge. We might need years to top it off. Traditional mindset? We need time for it to change. When we have a habit of doing something the same way, it needs time for changes. When we can walk and turn the lights off why shout Alexa? Google home needs to be installed for Alexa to do the job. Internet connection is required. It’s an investment for our better life. But are we ready for doing that? Is our mind ready? Are we ready to spend a couple of bucks for that when we manually turn those lights off every day? Adapting to these simple lifestyle is harder, how can we completely change ourselves and be dependent on technology? If we try we can but do we really need these benefits? Are people ready to adapt?

The benefit of the technological world also brings a lot of challenges. People in their 20s to 50s can learn about technologies and perform online which is better but it’s hampering them. From morning to evening we are attached to our phone or laptops that we don’t have time for ourselves and our closed ones. Relationships are falling apart due to less involvement. Our health issues are getting bigger. Mental stress and depression is taking over us. Children are watching cartoons or playing games from the time they wake up to the time they sleep. Rather than playing outside and making new friends, they are demanding things that are not necessarily needed. They don’t understand the importance of being socially active. And old people are trying to learn the ongoing technologies to survive the rest of the time they have because they know they cannot survive the way they used to as everything has changed. They cannot seek help because their children are busy and their grandchildren find them old fashioned now.

A huge leap is required for people to survive in the present and the future worlds if they have a traditional mindset. Today’s generation may cope up with things. We might need to take a jump, our parents need a high jump whereas our grandparents need a triple jump for their survival. It has become a reality game show in our real-life where the survival of the fittest wins. All other people who are lacking in some way are eliminated and need to make an entry next season all prepared for new advanced technological knowledge for survival.